PVE Prestige GALA - 2013


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Chairperson’s Message


Looking back across the Annual Artistic Landscape that is now behind us, our souls jump with joy for being granted another great opportunity to create a platform to participate. Our learners have once again been offered the chance to express their talents across a number of ARTISTIC and MUSICAL disciplines.


The mere fact that more than 4000 certificates were issued during the 2013 Eisteddfod season is evident that the Paarl Valley Eisteddfod has notably increased in volume since its inception on the 12th of March 1996.

Not only has the number of Entries for Paarl Valley Eisteddfod events increased substantially, but also the area from which affiliates are drawn. In so saying I extend a warm welcome to the learners from Vredendal High School who has traveled a long distance to participate here tonight.


As foreseen during 2012, the growth in the Singing section has indeed led to it being split into Junior and Senior in order to continue providing a high quality platform for participation.  The new sections of Creative writing have also drawn some meaningful interest and are showing promise of good growth. The ART and National Dances sections have also grown dramatically. ART is fast becoming the next section calling for attention during the 2014 season.


We thank our dedicated conveners for strengthening the working hands of the Paarl Valley Eisteddfod. We salute our dedicated conveners for their utmost devotion of countless hours in arranging their events.   We thank the School Governing Bodies for supporting the work of the Paarl Valley Eisteddfod. Thank you to the zealous adjudicators for their critique and for selecting our deserving learners for tonight’s Prestige Awards! We thank our learners and their parents for helping to ensure the continuance of the PVE through participating each year when the platforms for talent expression are raised by the PVE .

Much effort is still required in order to create possibilities for further participation for the top performers here tonight and the ones that are following in their footsteps.   We call upon those with passion for the ARTS to help rekindle the fire that stirred the founder members of the Paarl Valley Eisteddfod and the ones who’s memory we still cherish to this day.


To the Learners here to my left who came to receive the Special Awards for themselves and for those in their groups a Special word of congratulations! Thank you for taking the opportunity to test and increase your talents through taking part in the events. The Board of PVE has approved of your exceptional talent and wish that you take our good wishes and greetings back to your schools and institutions of talent.


We thank the Drakenstein Municipality for once again making the plant decorations available for this occasion and W Heuer Musikhaus for tuning the pianos for today's performances.

The Board of Directors of the Paarl Valley Eisteddfod and conveners, extend joyful greetings to the distinguished guests and performers!

Art wishes! 

Abie Martin.

 Our honorary membership award is dedicated to the Noord-Eind Primary school. We bring recognition to this deserving institution not only as a founder member of the PVE, but we also for its exceptional and continued support towards the Eisteddfod activities  over many years.

Please also See QUESTIONS & ANSWERS below and be sure to check back soon for 2013 Prestige GALA event updates!

Sien asseblief ook Vrae & Antwoorde hieronder en kom gerus terug na hierdie blad vir meer opwindende PVE Prestige GALA nuus! 


1. Waar en Wanneer word die PVE Prestige GALA gehou?

PAARL STADSAAL - Dinsdag die 8ste Oktober 2013

2. Hoe laat begin dit?
Die Voorprogram begin al teen 18h00. Dit behels musiek, uitstallings en sang in die voorportaal van die Stadsaal. Die Hoofprogram begin om 19h00.

3. Hoe laat moet die kinders daar wees?
Die kinders wat trofiee/bekers ontvang moet teen 18h00 by die Stadsaal aanmeld om teen 18h30 hulle sitplekke in te neem. Elke sitplek sal genommer wees en 'n lys met name wat met die nommers ooreenstem sal in die voorportaal wees. Kyk vir die "PRESTIGE WENNERS LYS"

4. Hoe laat sal dit +- klaar wees?
Die Prestige program sal hierdie jaar omtrent 90 minute lank wees en sal dus teen 20h30 afgehandel wees.
BELANGRIK: PVE Bestuur se wens is dat u die volle duur van die kort program sal bly

5. Watter drag moet leerlinge aantrek?
Tradisioneel word pryswenners/leerders wat na die Prestige Gala genooi word versoek om in swart en wit geklee te wees.

6. Watter drag moet genooide optreders aantrek?
Skool-kore en groepe wat genooi word om by die Prestige aand op te tree moet verkieslik in hulle skooldrag optree. Dit geld vir die voorafprogram sowel as vir die hoofprogram.

7. Is daar 'n toegangsfooi betaalbaar?
Hierdie jaar sal toegang vir die publiek (ouers ingesluit) 'n bedrag van R20-00 per persoon beloop. Deelnemers, Pryswenners en Genooide gaste kry komplimentere toegang.

8. Watter toekennings word tydens die Prestige geleentheid toegeken?
Die Prestige geleentheid is geskep om twee tipes toekennings te maak. Eerstens word verdienstelike optredes tydens die afgelope eisteddfod seisoen beloon met 'n Bestuurstrofee in die vorm van 'n Prestige Sertifikaat en 'n medalje en tweedens word Ere-lidmaatskap vir onbaatsugtige diens aan huidige of vorige Lede van PVE gemaak.

9. Word bekers tydens die Prestige geleentheid toegeken?
Nee. Bekers word nie meer by die Prestige geleentheid uitgedeel nie. 'n PVE Bestuursbesluit by die Algemene Jaarvergadering van 2010 het tot gevolg dat Bekers vervang word met Medaljes. Daar sal wel bekers in die voorportaal beskikbaar wees tydens die fotosessie waar wenners deur 'n professionele fotograaf afgeneem sal word.  Die besluit is geneem na aanleiding van 'n bevinding dat die groot getal bekers en die administrasie daarvan dit grootliks bemoeilik om bekeruitdeling suksesvol te hanteer. Verder is daar besluit dat  alle bekers ingetrek en in 'n sluit-vertoonkas by die nuwe PVE kantoor ten toon gestel gaan word. Versoeke vir fotos met bekers en bekervertonings by instansies moet met 'n skrywe aan bestuur vir oorweging gerig word.

10. Wie tree by die Prestige geleentheid op?
Tydens die Prestige geleentheid word 'n gaskunstenaar genooi. Presterende Skoolkore/groepe en leerders word vir optrede deur sameroepers benoem waarna die Prestige aand organiseerder 'n keuse uit die aanbevelings maak.
Die organiseerder nooi ook persone/groepe om aan die voorprogram deel te neem.

11. Gaan fotos by die Prestige geleentheid geneem word?
'n Fotograaf is gereel om professionele fotos van pryswenners te neem. Hierdie fotos sal geneem word nadat 'n toekenning in ontvangs geneem is en wel in die voorportaal. Agterna sal Fotos saam met wenners en ander persone in die voorportaal geneem word. Fotos sal dadelik te koop aangebied word en koste daarvan word gewoonlik deur die fotograaf tydens die GALA bekend gemaak.

12. Gaan enige verversings tydens die geleentheid te koop aangebied word?
Nee. Die verrigtinge is baie kort en gaan in een sessie afgehandel word.


1. Where and when will the Prestige GALA be held?

PAARL TOWN HALL - Tuesday the 8th of October 2013

2. What is the start time?
The pre-program start at 18h00 and will offer music, Art exhibitions and singing in the foyer of the Town Hall. The main programme wil commence at 19h00

3. When should learners be at the Town Hall?
Learners should arrive at 18h00 at the Town Hall and take their seats at 18h30. Each seat will be numbered in accordance with a list that will be available in the foyer of the Town Hall.

4. How late will the programme finish?
The Prestige Gala will last for 90 minutes and all proceedings will be done by 20h30.
IMPORTANT: PVE Management sincerely hope that you will stay for the duration of the short program.

5. What is the dress code for learners?
  Traditionally learners and prizewinners are requested to wear white and black for the Prestige Gala evening.

6. What is the dress code for School choirs and groups?
  School choirs and groups that are invited to perform at the Prestige evening, either during the pre-program as well as the main program must dress in their school uniform. 

7. Will an entrance fee be charged?
This year, an entrance fee of R20-00 per person will be charged for all visitors including parents. Participants,Prizewinners and invited Guests receive complimentary access.

8. Which awards are made during the Prestige evening?
The Prestige evening offers two types of awards. The first being awarding excellent and deserving performances during the previous eisteddfod season. These awards comprises a Management Trophy in the form of a Prestige Certificate and a medal. Secondly the Prestige evening award past and current members of PVE with Management nominated Honorary membership as stipulated in the PVE constitution.

9. Are trophies awarded at the Prestige evening?
No. Actual trophies are no longer issued during the Prestige evening. Trophies will be at hand during the photo session of prize winners in the foyer at the Town Hall. a PVE Management decision during the Annual General Meeting of 2010 effectively replaced issuing of trophies with a Prestige Certificate and a Medal. The decision was based on the fact that it became impossible to administrate the huge number of trophies and the issuing thereof in a successful manner. According the decision all trophies will be retracted and displayed in a lock-up display cabinet at the offices of the PVE. Winners who want to take pictures with their trophies or institutions that want to display trophies in their own premises must request such in writing to PVE management.

10.Who perform at the Prestige evening?
At least one professional performing artist are invited to perform during the Prestige evening. Convenors nominate further groups or individuals after which the event organiser select groups or learners to compliment the theme of the event. The organiser also invites individuals or groups to participate during the pre-programme which happen in the foyer.

11. What about photos?
A professional photographer will take pictures of winners in the Town Hall Foyer with friends/family and teachers after prizewinners left the stage.These photos will be on sale at the event. Costs are usually announced by the photographer at the GALA.

12. Will refreshments be sold at the event?
No. Due to the short program and no interval, no sale of refreshments can be allowed.