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The Paarl Valley Eisteddfod is the recognized platform in the Paarl Valley for organizing and promoting the Arts across a broad spectrum of disciplines.

The four Main Artistic Expression divisions are

Music, Dance, Drama and Visual Art


Die Paarlvallei Eisteddfod is die erkende platvorm in die Paarl Vallei vir die organisering en bevordering van die Kunste oor 'n wye spektrum van disiplines.

Die vier hoofafdelings is

Musiek, Dans, Drama en Visuele Kuns

The disciplines offered for PVE adjudication
and participation are:

- Ballet
- Contemporary and Modern Dances
- Recitation
- Reading
- Writing
- National and Folk Dances & Musical Plays
- Keyboard
- Wind Instruments
---- Woodwinds
---- Brass
- Strings
- Soloists
- Choirs
- Classical Guitar
- Recorder
- Piano (Junior and Senior)
- Rhythmical Music - Percussion
- Orchestra
- Orchestral Percussion
- Visual Arts
- Gala Concerts

Please consult the Paarl Valley Eisteddfod Syllabus for comprehensive information about PVE Eisteddfod categories

Die onderskeie disiplines wat deur die PVE vir beoordeling en deelname aangebied word sluit in:

- Ballet
- Kontemporêre en Moderne Danse
- Voordrag
- Lees
- Skryf
- Nasionale en Volksdase en Musiekspele
- Klawerbord
- Blaasinstrumente
---- Houtblaas
---- Koperblaas
- Snaarinstrumente
- Solosang
- Kore
- Klassieke Kitaar
- Blokfluit
- Klavier (Junior and Senior)
- Ritmiese Slagorkes
- Orchestra
- Orkestrale Perkussie
- Visuele Kunste
- Gala Konserte

Sien asseblief die  Paarl Valley Eisteddfod Sillabus vir omvattende inligting oor PVE Eisteddfod kategorie√ę.

The Paarl Valley Eisteddfod has its roots in the music Festivals that were organised as competitions between schools in the Paarl Valley during the 1960's. A merger of the different cultural talent organisations in the early 1990's brought the Paarl Valley Eisteddfod to life, a history which forms the basis of at least one Master's degree Thesis that can be found at "http://scholar.sun.ac.za/handle/10019.1/2945".

 The Paarl Valley Eisteddfod primarily serve the community within the boundaries of the Paarl School Principals Organisation but affiliation is open to anybody within or outside of the Paarl Valley.

Due to its long history of successful Eisteddfod seasons, the organisation has drawn many affiliations and participants from deep within Namaqualand, The Worcester areas, The Wamakers Valley, The Nuy and Hexriver Valleys, the Franschhoek Valley, The Tulbagh area in the Land of Wavern, The Witzenberg and Overberg regions, some areas within the Cape Peninsula and the West Coast, amongst others.

With that! Paarl Valley Eisteddfod has established itself solidly as one of the best authorities to provide world class Artistic support and adjudication to all who need a platform to discover, grow, nurture and eventually reap the benefits of being successful as Artists of Performance and Visual Art Expression.

Ons Grondwet - Our Constitution

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